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Meet Our New Instructor Adam Riggen

Adam is from Montpelier, VT. Before getting his CFI, he worked as a deckhand on commercial fishing boats in Alaska and California, and on offshore sailing ships in Canada, Europe, South America, and Antarctica. In [...]

Meet Our New Instructor Jen Akey

Jennifer is a native of western Massachusetts and a graduate of Williams College. Although Jen grew up in a military family with a pilot father, she made the jump to aviation only recently and has [...]

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Learn to Fly at 7B2

The flight school has a proven track record of moving students through the training process at their own pace. Managed by Chief Flight Instructor Rich MacIsaac, there are several full- and part-time instructors who will develop a training system that matches your learning style and schedule. Our rental aircraft and instruction capabilities can fulfill the training needs of any pilot, from a Sport Pilot Certificate to a CFII Rating.  Follow the links below to get started!

We celebrate out students’ achievements, from first solo to advanced ratings.  Learn more about the different ratings and what’s involved in achieving them.