The Northampton Airport is a privately owned, public use airport located in Northampton, Massachusetts.


LaFleur Airport opened as a commercial airport on April 1, 1929. Many historic aviators including Charles Lindbergh, Ruth Nikols and the Granville Brothers flew here.

During World War II the airport was used as a naval training facility and trained many pilots for the war effort.

In 1986, the name changed from LaFleur to Northampton Airport. In 2000, the runway received a facelift including a new runway, taxiways, lights and a rotating beacon.

In 2004, Seven Bravo Two, LLC purchased the airport and has made more improvements over the years including new hangars, a ground–up runway rebuild, and the addition of solar panels to the community hangar and the FBO.

The Northampton Airport is easy to find with the Holyoke Range to the south, Mount Tom to the southwest, the Berkshires to the west and the Connecticut River flowing parallel to the runway.

Elevation: 122 ft

Pattern Altitude: 1122 ft

Runways: 14-32, 3365 x 50

Approaches: VOR-B,GPS 14

CTAF: 122.7

More Information: 7B2 @