The FAA provides a Direct User Access Terminal System (DUATS) that can easily be accessed either by phone or by internet. DUATS service is provided by two commercial vendors:

  • DTC (Data Transformation Corp.) 1-800-243-3828
  • 1-800-AID-DUAT 1-800-245-3828
  • GTE Federal Sys Division (Contel) 1-800-345-3828
  • 1-800-CHK-DUAT 1-800-767-9989

GTE provides a variety of services that can be accessed over the internet. If you have a student pilot certificate or pilot license, you can access these services by Alternatively, you can download a windows application that makes it easier to view briefings and plan flights. This application is called cirrus. To sign up for the services, visit the GTE DUATS home page.