Here at NAI we offer you the best value in Multi Engine training! Our Beech Duchess and instructor are $348.00 per hour.

Adding a multi-engine rating to your existing Private or Commercial Pilot Certificate is a great way to expand your pilot skills or advance your career options. Adding a muli-engine is considered an additional class rating. There is no requirement for an additional written knowledge exam. In addition there are no minimum hour requirements. However, if you currently hold an instrument rating you will be required to demonstrate instrument proficiency in a multi-engine airplane as part of your practical test.

We have found that our students reach the necessary proficiency level to pass the practical test in 5-10 flight hours and 3-5 hours of ground instruction. Reviewing the Airmen Certification Standards for the Private or Commercial Pilot will spell out the required maneuvers and subject areas you will cover during your training.

We utilize a Beechcraft Duchess (BE-76) as our multi-engine training aircraft. We also utilize our Redbird Simulator, which also has a Beechcraft Duchess panel. Our instructors have applied their extensive knowledge in flying multi-engine aircraft both in the training environment and the real world to develop a thorough and efficent syllabus. Getting your muli-engine rating with Northampton Aeronautics will provide you with the knowledge and skill to not only efficiently pass your practical test but also be confident to apply your new skill to your everday flying.

Expect to spend $2100 -$3900 for your training, depending on the number of hours you log. Current examiner fees are approximately $650. We can accommodate accelerated training over a few days or as your schedule allows.

Please contact our office for more information or to speak with one of our multi-engine instructors.