We all know what a valuable instrument trainer the Redbird can be but recent upgrades to the software and hardware offer some exciting new opportunities for student pilots and beyond. Additionally, we have new learning scenarios uniquely created by CFI Dave Strassburg and ONLY available at the Northampton Airport.

An airplane is a horrible classroom. It’s noisy and you’re often so busy flying the airplane and scanning for traffic it’s hard to focus on much else. Flying to far away airports is expensive so much of your training is confined to the local area. Student pilots are often at the mercy of the weather. Why not take advantage of some of those less than ideal weather days to keep your training moving forward working on skills that can be much better learned in a simulator like the Redbird?

– How confident are you operating at unfamiliar towered airports or communicating with ATC in complex airspace? Our Redbird has specific scenarios and well as an external instructor station where your instructor can play the role of ATC to help make you a more confident communicator.

– How confident are you with operating a Garmin 430 or using VORs? Our Redbird can help master these important skills in a realistic aircraft environment.

– Are you nervous about getting lost and figuring out who to talk to and best communicate your location? We can help with that too.

– Want to learn more about using ForeFlight? You can link the Redbird to your IPad and practice using all the features of ForeFlight anywhere in the world for less than half the hourly cost of doing so in an airplane.

Other unique learning scenarios include:
– Final approach practice for student pilots
– High Density Altitude Operations
– Flight Characteristics when operating above max gross or out of CG envelope limitations.
– Stalls and Spins
– Emergency Procedures
– Upset Recovery

Working in our Redbird can also significantly reduce the cost or your flight training. Our sim is FAA approved, allowing you to count up to 2.5 hrs of sim time towards you private pilot certificate, 25 towards your commercial, 20 hours toward your Instrument, and 50 towards your ATP.

For more information contact the front desk to schedule a lesson.