Hi! My name is Emily.
One of my earliest memories, at about age 3, is taking a flight from IAD to BDL.  I vividly remember the feeling of takeoff, and separating from the ground.  About a year later, my family moved coasts, from metro DC to southern CA.  My neighbor there was a Blue Angel.  I used to go over to his house and watch a videotape of an airshow over and over.  I’d watch planes taking off from the base airport from my driveway.  As a high schooler, living in CT, a friend and I often visited BDL to watch the airplanes.  I held on to that feeling of taking off and have chased it since.
I have pilots in my family, but I thought that one had to be a “certain kind of person” to fly, so I never pursued it.   Still, flying was always in the back of my mind.
In 2014 I became a flight attendant (after many years of other kinds of work, including teaching).  Observing and talking to my pilot coworkers led me to take a discovery flight in 2016 and have been training and receiving my ratings since. Thanks to my FA job, I’ve been able to do some interesting ferry flights and extensive flight training in Arizona and Minnesota as well as here in New England.
Over 6000 lifetime takeoffs later, they are still one of my favorite experiences.  I have never stopped enjoying them.
My personal teaching philosophy is guided by empathy and clarity.  I believe that almost anyone who wants to learn to fly can do so, no matter who you are.